Welcome to your FAU Parking Portal!


Summer 2024 permits Will be available May 6!


Permits are NOT issued automatically.

Student permits are by semester.

Faculty, staff and employee permits are by fiscal year.


We use your license plate as your physical permit. Ensure you enter it correctly to avoid citations.


To obtain your permit, click on the blue “Buy Permit” tile.

If you do not see the correct permit type, it is your responsibility to reach out and make us aware of the error.

RED- Faculty, Staff, Employees

LIGHT BLUE- Employees with a Reserved Space

BLUE- Commuting Students

GREEN- Boca Campus Residents

BLACK- Jupiter Campus Residents


To view or make changes to your current permit, click the orange “My Permits” tile.

Please note that your Profile is not your Permit! To add vehicles, you will have parked on campus, you must make the changes under your permit!


To view your user information, payment information, and all your current vehicles, click on the red “Edit Profile” tile.


To see your Vehicles, Citations Received, and Permit History, click on the beige “Account Summary” tile.


Please review the rules and regulations found Rules | Florida Atlantic University (fau.edu).

Failure to follow the rules and regulations can result in citations.

Park in lot colors that correspond to your virtual ePermit color.

Do not park at meters if you have any ePermit.

Always park your vehicle head in. There is no backing in on campus.

ePermits are not transferable. If you will be using a rental or borrowing another car at any point, please add the vehicle information to your parking ePermit.

NEVER park in a Disabled Spot unless you are a current disabled placard holder.

Always park between the lines in designated spaces. Parking along the curb or "creating your own spot" in a parking lot can cause traffic disruptions and can even place others in dangerous situations by blocking emergency vehicles. There is no parking in the grass, streets, roads, loading zones etc. allowed.

Always arrive early and give yourself plenty of time to find parking and get to class. FAU has plenty of spots available, however some of them do require walking or a shuttle ride.


Any questions or concerns, please contact us by email [email protected] or by phone at (561)-297-2771.

Posted Date : 04/22/2024